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Allied Death is a social and leveling guild. Our interests are varied and we are slowly branching into new areas. We are currently recruiting for a 10 man raid team. We are also looking for a few people who want to join an arena team and do rated battlegrounds. Currently we run dungeon guild challenges weekly and have a need for more healers. 

Rules & Regulations    

You Know This Stuff

The guild is its members. We are all here to enjoy playing the game together.  This means taking an active part in the guild, joining in events, grouping with other guildies on a fairly regular basis, helping others with quests, and doing what you can to help the guild as a whole. Never forget that WoW is a game so lets have fun!  

Guild members should always treat each other with dignity and respect. We are all here to have a good time and share our successes. We don't want to be super strict nor restrict your fun, it is a game after all, but there are some aspects of Guild Life that aren't intuitive. We've emphasized those particular areas, in this guide, so that you won't accidently trip over some odd detail that everybody thinks you "Should have known." To that end, here are some simple rules you should follow as a member of the Allied Death.

-- Treat others as you would like to be treated. Talking smack may be funny to you and a few of your friends, but it's not pleasant to watch. Create a group and have at it, or use our JustKickinIt channel on Ventrilo.

-- Obey the guidelines set down by Blizzard Entertainment in their Harrassment Policy. Blizzard does not, and we do not, condone conversations about drugs, alcohol abuse, sexual violence, or gold sellers.

-- The Terms of Use - Eligibility only permits ONE player to use each account. You are responsible for whatever happens on your account. "It was my brother/sister/uncle/roommate/spouse" just makes it worse.

-- As a member of Allied Death you represent us in all that you do. We are proud of the guild reputation that we have established and, as such, you are expected to uphold our guild image at all times. Never forget that you carry the guild's name above your head.  Your words & actions reflect on the guild.  If you piss somebody off or ninja something they wanted in a pug, it's likely that they will complain to your Guild Leader. This had better not happen very often.

-- Don't take advantage of new or low level characters. Do not attempt auction house scams or anything of the sort.

-- Common sense and common courtesy will go a long way. Practice them with all players, both guild members and non-guild members.

Guild Communication

Our guild forums are open to the public, except for a couple of drama prone forums that are restricted to Vetern+ guild members. Forum etiquette must be upheld by all guild members. Please do not post hateful, angry, or defamatory remarks, and keep profanity out of our forums. 

Guild Chat (in game) will be your primary form of communication with other guild members. Please adjust your expectations to include several concurrent conversations. If an extended conversation involves a very few people, please Right-Click on their name and "invite" to create a separate /party chat group; spamming of guild chat is not permitted; do not post hateful, angry, or defamatory remarks; and keep profanity to a minimum. Profanity doesn't make you look like an adult.

-- Don't spam guild chat with elaborate macros. Kill GuildGreeter, Bejeweled, battleground countdowns, and any similar addons. One-liner congratulation macros are lazy, but acceptable.

-- CAPS should be used sparingly. Using them in an attempt to dominate the conversation will draw our fire.

-- Begging/Whining in guild chat & especially in general/trade or any public chats, or through /say, /yell, etc. is not tolerated.  By all means ask for help when you need help, but make the distinction.  If guild memebers are not busy and have time to spare then providing assistance is encouraged; however, do remember that people play this game for their own enjoyment - not to help you do whatever it is you are trying to do.

-- Do not auction or sell in guild chat - that is what trade chat is for.  Advertising items that you are giving away for free is encouraged however.  When requesting goods/services, your request should be polite and specific.  Do not spam guild chat.  If no response is received then direct whispers should not be used.  

Kitty Porn

 is used primarily for coordinating our guild team activities, although we do have a JustKickinIt channel. While Ventrilo rules are posted in Ventrilo, we have the following basic requirements:
-- Use a headset with push to talk key operation
-- Your Ventrilo name should be the same as your character name (or use a comment to indicate your current name)
-- We change the password as needed, and list it on the Guild Info Tab under Vent Info
-- Click the arrow to the right of the Server Bar to enter the current password. 
-- Use the channels appropriately
-- We encourage eavesdropping, so that you can get used to the voices, and the rhythm of our raids
-- Profanity must be kept to a minimum, hence push to talk
-- Don't camp in a channel. If you do not want to log out of vent please move to the AFK channel. You will automatically be moved there after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Transactions Between Guildmembers

If you are given an item by another player as charity (i.e. - A high level member buys new gear for a lower level member), or you withdraw an item from the bank, it is not to be sold in the Auction House. Pass the favor on, when you have a similar opportunity. This does NOT include cash donations that merely prevent folks from learning how to manage their resources. We have guild repairs. Nobody "needs" money to do what they need to do.

Crafted items should be offered at cost or in exchange for the required materials.

"Please run me through XXX." is a common request. Trading favors, Main1 running Alt2 followed by Main2 running Alt1, is very common when folks just want boss drops and achievements, and you can usually tag along. The formula for mob experience is A/(A+B+C+D+E) adjusted up a bit depending on the number of people in the group, so a high-level player will kill all of your mob experience points. Level 80 heroics, in particular, will not drop justice points if anybody higher than level 80 is in the group. You will learn more, and earn more, if you are in an appropriately leveled group. Ask for a run if you're interested, offer to pay for a run if you're desperate, but don't bug people.

Begging for Money

Begging for money, whether in guild chat or publicly, will not be tolerated and  will be immediate grounds for removal.

Each member works just as hard as the next for their money. If you need money for something then farm for it, or use a gathering profession. We are not a dog walking service.

You may offer to *work for* money that you want to *borrow*. The arrangement will be between you and whoever may decide to lend you the money. If no one wishes to lend you the money then you must accept that. The Guild will not "co-sign" loans nor cover losses.

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